A dozen orange roses in a boxOrange Roses in a Gift Box with Imported Chocolatesold out
A gorgeous gift box containing 12 vibrant long stem orange roses and a box of imported chocolates. Designed as the perfect... Code: BOX02
Flowers: Orange Roses in a Teacup!Orange Roses in a TeacupR 468.00
Next delivery; Today
Teacup filled with bright orange roses which desire to be sent off to someone in need of a smile. Code: NETSP679 Shop Now
Flowers: Orange Roses in Black Vase!Orange Roses in Black VaseR 546.00
Next delivery; Today
A gorgeous arrangement of orange roses in a black vase is the perfect way to send a special thought to someone. Code: NETSP1101 Shop Now
Flowers: Orange Roses with Tigger!Orange Roses with Tiggersold out
This vase of orange roses and Tiger plush teddy can be sent to your loved one for any occasion.Tiger is 23cm in Height, touch... Code: NETSP796
Orange Seasonal Floral DesignR 455.00
Next delivery; Today
Our florists have taken their time with this all orange floral creation of roses and gerbera's amongst a hint of greenery... Code: NETSP062 Shop Now
Flowers: Orange Sprays, gerberas and roses in Pottery Pot!Orange Sprays, gerberas and roses in Pottery PotFrom R 962.00
Next delivery; Today
A walk down orange blossom lane… A vibrant arrangement of sprays, gerberas and roses in a pottery pot. Add a pop of colour... Code: NETSP1336 Shop Now
Flowers: Oranges and Yellow Daisies Basket!Oranges and Yellow Daisies BasketR 390.00
Next delivery; Today
Yellow is the colour of friendship and oranges are bursting with citrus, the perfect pick me up gift basket to send to a... Code: NETF44 Shop Now
Flowers: OrangeTulip Bouquet!OrangeTulip Bouquetsold out
These seasonal flowers make the perfect gift as they are the only cut flower that continue to grow in their vase. They are... Code: NETSP1132
Flowers: Orchid & Rose in Black Vase!Orchid & Rose in Black VaseR 260.00
Next delivery; Today
A flower arrangement to send to a special someone that truly makes a statement! This gorgeous combination of deep red roses... Code: NETSP1261 Shop Now
Flowers: Orchid Duet in Glass Vase!Orchid Duet in Glass VaseR 169.00
Next delivery; Today
Stunning simplicity, a guaranteed winner to the recipient of your choice. This pair of gorgeous cymbidium orchids is arranged... Code: NETSP1259 Shop Now
Flowers: Orchid Pottery Arrangement!Orchid Pottery ArrangementR 377.00
Next delivery; Today
For a special message, say it with this floral delight. This fabulous orchid arrangement is made up with fresh green fillers... Code: NETSP1263 Shop Now
Flowers: Orchids in a Glazed Vase!Orchids in a Glazed VaseR 481.00
Next delivery; Today
A beautiful white glazed vase, circular shape holds an elegant phalaenopsis orchid, send this sophisticated gift to a loved... Code: NETPL152 Shop Now
Flowers: Orchids in Silver Bowl!Orchids in Silver Bowlsold out
Melt someone's heart and sweep them off their feet with an incredible gift of a trio of orchids in an elegant silver bowl... Code: NETPL243
Pail of Gerberas PetitePail of Gerberas PetiteR 260.00
Next delivery; Today
A pail filled with pink mini gerberas, and greenery, making this arrangement in a bucket a picture perfect way to cheer... Code: NETSP325 Shop Now
Pastel AllureR 1157.00
Next delivery; Today
An arrangement of Roses & Gerberas in pastel shades in a tall glass vase. Code: NETSP152 Shop Now
Arrangement of pastel coloured seasonal flowers in cellophanePastel Flower BouquetFrom R 338.00
Next delivery; Today
Mixed bouquet of seasonal roses, various lilies, daisies and mixers, all in gentle pastel colours. Wrapped in cellophane... Code: NETBQ002 Shop Now
Flowers: Pastel Flower Bouquet!Pastel Flower Bouquetsold out
Share you condolences; this product can only be delivered to Tata Madiba's Houghton home. No delivery fee will be charged... Code: NMF009
Flowers: Pastel Flowers in a Box!Pastel Flowers in a Boxsold out
An array of mixed pastel flowers like cream roses, light pink and white gerberas and pink lilies presented in a cardboard... Code: NETSP566
Flowers: Pastel Flowers in Glazed Vase!Pastel Flowers in Glazed Vasesold out
Pastel flowers like gerberas and roses in a round glazed vase, a perfect gift that will having the recipient smiling and... Code: NETSP668
Flowers: Pastel Giant Ethiopian Rose Bouquet!Pastel Giant Ethiopian Rose BouquetFrom R 416.00
Next delivery; Today
A bouquet of luscious pastel Ethiopian roses. These breathtaking imported roses are world renowned for their large diameter... Code: NETSP344 Shop Now
Flowers: Pastel Giant Ethiopian Roses in a Vase!Pastel Giant Ethiopian Roses in a Vasesold out
A tall glass vase containing 20 long stemmed pink mixed imported ethiopian roses. All the way from Ethiopia, this floral... Code: NETSP340
Flowers: Pastel Lisianthus Bouquet!Pastel Lisianthus Bouquetsold out
A hand-tied bouquet of warm pastel shades of lisianthus, finished with a raffia bow and wrapped in complimentary cello. You... Code: NETSP416
Pastel PerfectionPastel PerfectionFrom R 390.00
Next delivery; Today
A lovely presentation of mixed roses in pastel shades. Perfect gift to send to someone for any occasion.Image Contains 24... Code: NETBQ007 Shop Now
Flowers: Pastel Perfection!Pastel Perfectionsold out
Share you condolences; this product can only be delivered to Tata Madiba's Houghton home. No delivery fee will be charged... Code: NMF003
Pastel Pink and Lavender FlowersR 1027.00
Next delivery; Today
Classic meets elegance with this delicate mix of soft coloured pink roses, lilies, carnations and chrysanthemums gathered... Code: NETNV050-2 Shop Now
Twelve pastel long stem roses in a gift boxPastel Roses in a BoxR 338.00
A real best seller, these softly coloured roses won't disappoint Tuesday to Friday delivery. Code: BOX22 Shop Now
Twelve pastel long stemmed roses in a gift box with imported chocolatesPastel Roses in a Gift Box with Imported Chocolatesold out
A gorgeous gift box containing 12 long stem pastel roses and a box of imported chocolates. A real best seller, these softly... Code: BOX11
Pastel Seasonal Flowers in a Glass VaseR 1170.00
Next delivery; Today
Add a thrilling moment to their day with this mix of pastel roses, gerbera's and white lilies amongst greenery in a glass... Code: NETNV030-2 Shop Now
Peaches and Creamsold out
An arrangement of Roses & Gerberas in shades of peach & cream in a tall glass vase. Code: NETSP151
Flowers: Peonies and King Protea Vase!Peonies and King Protea Vasesold out
A glass cylinder vase with light pink peonies, complemented with South Africa's national flower the King Protea. Send this... Code: NETSP531
Flowers: Peonies and Roses in a Moss Basket!Peonies and Roses in a Moss Basketsold out
A site for soar eyes, pink peonies and cream roses in a green moss basket, have this proudly NetFlorist arrangement sent... Code: NETSP512
Flowers: Petite Piglet Arrangement!Petite Piglet ArrangementR 637.00
Next delivery; Today
Made up of white sprays, pink gerberas and a soft Piglet toy, this cute, boxed arrangement will delight new parents when... Code: NETSP1225 Shop Now
2 Stem Phalaenopsis OrchidPhalaenopsis Orchid R 377.00
Next delivery; Today
A gift of longevity and elegance, this Phaleanopsis Orchid makes the perfect gift which represents wisdom and strength. Send... Code: NETPL087 Shop Now
Phalaenopsis Orchid DuoPhalaenopsis Orchid DuoR 1079.00
Next delivery; Today
An elegant gift for any male or female, these 2 Phalaenopsis orchids have been presented in a square glass vase with white... Code: NETPL072 Shop Now
Flowers: Phalaenopsis Orchid in a Moss Basket!Phalaenopsis Orchid in a Moss BasketR 403.00
Next delivery; Today
A stylish and exotic phalaenopsis orchid, delivered in a moss covered handbag basket. A great thank you gift that will make... Code: NETPL112 Shop Now
Flowers: Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass Vase!Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass Vasesold out
A truly elegant gift, this timeless Phalaenopsis orchid and one of the most popular, sought after plants comes presented... Code: NETPL089
Flowers: Phalaenopsis Orchid with Tiger Teddy!Phalaenopsis Orchid with Tiger Teddysold out
Welcome the new baby into the family with this warm gift, a plush Tiger teddy bear and an orchid in a pottery vase.Pooh Bear... Code: NETPL175
Flowers: Phalaenopsis Orchids in Tuscan Styled Vase!Phalaenopsis Orchids in Tuscan Styled Vasesold out
Orchids potted in an old school tuscan style vase. A gift with a universal message of wisdom, strength, thoughtfulness and... Code: NETSP321
Flowers: Piece of Eden Orchid Cylinder Vase!Piece of Eden Orchid Cylinder VaseR 416.00
Next delivery; Today
Transport your friend or relative into another world with this floral arrangement that is bursting with paradise! Set in... Code: NETSP1262 Shop Now
Flowers: Pincushion & Rose Medley in Black Vase!Pincushion & Rose Medley in Black VaseR 234.00
Next delivery; Today
This combination of a timeless flower and the South African floral gem is sure to leave a lasting impression on friend, family... Code: NETSP1324 Shop Now
Pincushion Protea BouquetPincushion Protea BouquetR 351.00
Next delivery; Today
A hand tied bouquet of Pincushion Proteas, these seasonal flowers are one of the many kinds of proteas around. Send this... Code: NETSP286 Shop Now
Flowers: Pincushion Proteas and Mixed Flowers in round vase!Pincushion Proteas and Mixed Flowers in round vaseR 819.00
Next delivery; Today
Simply striking, this bouquet of flowers is the bees-knees and will charm your friend, loved one or colleague when you gift... Code: NETSP1330 Shop Now
Pincushion Proteas in a Woven BasketPincushion Proteas in a Woven BasketR 390.00
Next delivery; Today
Meet the Proteas little sister, the Pincushion. These sea urchin flower look a likes have been neatly grouped in a woven... Code: NETSP434 Shop Now
Flowers: Pincushions and Roses in Red Pottery Vase!Pincushions and Roses in Red Pottery VaseR 728.00
Next delivery; Today
Vibrant and cheerful this arrangement will be well received by your loved one when you send today. A beautiful red toned... Code: NETSP1328 Shop Now
Flowers: Pincushions in Cylinder Glass Vase!Pincushions in Cylinder Glass VaseR 533.00
Next delivery; Today
Send a slice of the The Cape Floral Kingdom to wow your nearest and dearest. This glass cylinder vase floral arrangement... Code: NETSP1325 Shop Now
Flowers: Pink & Red Roses in a Red Twisty Vase!Pink & Red Roses in a Red Twisty VaseR 520.00
Next delivery; Today
Be the hopeless romantic with a beautiful arrangement or roses in a red glass vase. Code: NETSP989 Shop Now
Flowers: Pink & Red Roses in a Wooden Box!Pink & Red Roses in a Wooden BoxR 754.00
Next delivery; Today
Pink and red - the colours of adoration and affection! This beautiful arrangement of mixed roses in a wooden box will whisper... Code: NETSP1127 Shop Now
Flowers: Pink & White Spray Gift!Pink & White Spray GiftR 351.00
Next delivery; Today
This flower arrangement is a sweet way to say thank you or express a special thought to a friend or relative. The combination... Code: NETSP1170 Shop Now
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