Flower Types

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Types of flowers

Flowers are the plant structures responsible for the reproduction effect of the plant. Various flower types have evolved for the purpose of most effectively ensuring the propagation of their seeds. With each flower type having a different physical structure, colour and scent from those of other flower types plants are constantly in the bid to become the most successful plant species. It is through the variance in flower types that this achieved.
The Defining Characteristics of Flower Types
There are several specific characteristics that define a flower type besides the species of plant it belongs to:

  • Colour- One of the defining characteristics of a flower type. These hues range from solid colours to a mixed variance of any conceivable combination. Flowers colours are restricted to the gene pool of inheritance upon which the species draws.
  • Shape of Petal- Different flower types petal have specific petal shapes that are specifically designed to promote the attraction, pollination and nutrition.
  • Method of Attraction- To ensure pollination varied flower types have different structures to attract their preferred means of pollen distributor. Smells, colours, location of flowers and the shape of the flowers are all contributing factors.
  • Method of Pollination- This is one of a flower's main functions. To spread pollen in order to perpetuate the species. It does this through the use of wind, water and animals.

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