Floral Photo Competition Winners

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June 2014
Jodi Broadhurst
Serene Sympathy Funeral Floral
May 2014
Faeez Sadek
Red Roses in a Glass Vase
April 2014
Ann Steiner
Bright Flowers in a Glass Vase
March 2014
Yolandi von Molendorff
Pail of Gerberas Petite
February 2014
Reshmika Dookhi
Red Roses in a Petite Gold Vase
January 2014
Mary Bass
Pastel Flowers in a Box
December 2013
Janomi Norval-Thomas
Stepped Red Gerberas
November 2013
Eunice Palmer
Boxed Handbag
October 2013
Eunice Palmer
Boxed Handbag
September 2013
Prudence Dosha
Pink Roses in a cocktail vase
August 2013
Angie de Oliveira
Proteas in a ceramic vase
July 2013
Tarryn Koen
Tulips in a vase

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