About NetFlorist Ethiopian Roses

The beauty of this one of a kind Ethiopian rose, exclusive to NetFlorist is its incredible longevity, delicate fragrance and impressive diameter. Fully imported from the shores of Ethiopia these roses are world renowned for their large bud sizes that have been known to grow up to15cm in diameter and 7cm in depth in some environments.* Their floral scent has also been noted to be stronger than the smell of a local rose. Their lifespan also far exceeds a local rose, as these roses have been known to last for up to 2-3 weeks in some environments.*

The secret to the beauty of this rose is the Ethiopia’s climate. Although we may despise their high altitude and arid climate, it’s the perfect environment for the cultivation of flowers, roses specifically. Because of this, they can now export their produce to countries, such as ours where the climate isn’t conducive to grow roses of these proportions. This has resulted in the creation of 85,000 jobs and their flower industry, and ultimately economy seeing healthy growth.

Their roses requires 45-60 days to grow to perfection and are thereafter carefully harvested. Thereafter the roses are transported to a backhouse where they stored in a cold room for a minimum of 4 hours to pre-cool. They are then graded and bunched and are placed in a cold room with a temperature of 2degrees for at least 12 hours. Thereafter they are packed and transported from the rose farm to Addis Ababa Bole International Airport in a cold truck for South African waters for you to enjoy.Ethiopian Rose vs Local South African Rose

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*Netflorist doesn’t guarantee this but we do suggest that you:

·    Trim your roses at an angle every 3 days

·        Change your water daily

·        use warm water

· Keep your roses away from the sun, drafts and air conditioners

For more flower care tips, View Flower Care 

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