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Picture of Coffee and Pecan Nut Cake with Coffee Icing 20cm! Coffee and Pecan Nut Cake with Coffee Icing 20cm R 349.95
Next delivery; Thu, 27 Oct
This scrumptious freshly baked 20cm coffee and pecan nut cake makes for the perfect present for a friend, colleague or a... Code: CSM005
Picture of Chocolate Rose Cake! Chocolate Rose Cake R 349.95
Next delivery; Thu, 27 Oct
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Picture of Cookies and Cream Cake 20cm! Cookies and Cream Cake 20cm R 349.95
Next delivery; Thu, 27 Oct
Everyone loves some cookies and cream and this 20cm cookies and cream cake is the perfect treat for any occasion. Spoil a... Code: CSM016
Picture of Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing! Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing R 399.95
Next delivery; Thu, 27 Oct
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For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands.
Christina Rossetti

Having a sister is like having a biological best friend. You know, I know it, we all know it. Sometimes having a sister can be a real pain in the be-hind. But, the truth is that our sisters are our first best friends and we should cherish the memories we have made (and still make) together. We shouldn’t be angry about that new dress of yours she stole to go to Valentine’s Ball with and then she ripped it at the back and “forgot” to tell you about it, until you wanted to wear it and almost landed yourself a slot on that show about bad fashion ideas. When you look back at it now, you are wondering to yourself why you even thought that dress was nice and you laugh about it, because through thick and through thin, your sister was always there for you.

And to commemorate your sister-bond, you are looking for a gift for your sister to brighten her day and to show her that she is awesome and that you love her! And because no one cares about diets, we have just launched our confectionery range, The Bakery at NetFlorist, a range of delicious eats and treats that make the perfect gift idea for sister. We have delicious cakes of any and every flavour imaginable and it can be personalised to any and every occasion! For example, if you are looking for a birthday gift for your sister, you can’t go wrong with spoiling her with a delicious rocky road cake! Or if you are just looking to brighten her day, why don’t you spoil her with a delicious orange and passion fruit cake? Our cakes make the perfect sister gift for anything!

All you have to do to buy cakes online at NetFlorist is to log in to your NetFlorist account and order cakes online. Because we know that only the best is good enough when it comes to buying gifts for sister, we use the freshest ingredients of the highest quality and we deliver a freshly baked cake straight to your sister’s front door, on the very same day we have baked your delicious cake. Buy a cake for your sister online at NetFlorist today and let the Sister’s Day celebration begin!  

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