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Picture of 6 Chocolate Fantasy Cupcakes in a Jar Combo! 6 Chocolate Fantasy Cupcakes in a Jar Combo R 649.95
Next delivery; Tue, 30 May
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Picture of 6 Have Your Cake Cupcakes in a Jar Combo! 6 Have Your Cake Cupcakes in a Jar Combo R 599.95
Next delivery; Tue, 30 May
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Picture of 6 Milk Tart Cupcakes in a Jar! 6 Milk Tart Cupcakes in a Jar R 599.95
Next delivery; Tue, 30 May
A sweet treat just the way that ouma made it! This gift of 6 freshly baked milk tart cupcakes in glass jars will have your... Code: CCJ016
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“I did not ask you out. But I would seriously think about not shooting you down if you asked me. Nicely." I had to keep my pride. He took both of my hands in his. "Brenna Blixen will you be my girlfriend, please." He held up one of my hands and kissed my knuckles smoothly. "Pretty please. With sugar on top.” 
? Liz ReinhardtDouble Clutch

At NetFlorist, we have the perfect range of sugar on tops for those I love you moments. We have recently launched the Bakery at NetFlorist, a range of delicious confectionery treats for you to spoil anyone with on every occasion. Our range of delicious goodies include cakes, cupcake, cupcake jars, cupcake bouquets and giant cupcakes. We believe, however, that the perfect I love you can only be said and done with yummy cupcake jars from NetFlorist. Clueless about these goodies? Allow us to update you quickly. These revolutionary treats are delicious cupcakes baked in glass jars and is a very cool way to enjoy your cupcake, without all the fuss and the mess.

Our cupcake jars for girlfriend are the perfect gift idea for her. With a range of delicious, lip-lek-lekker flavours like rocky road, cookies and cream and chocolate explosion, you can’t go wrong with spoiling your girlfriend with a delicious cupcake in a jar gift box. These cupcakes in a jar for your girlfriend is perfect for any occasion, whether you are looking for a birthday gift for girlfriend, a good luck or congratulations gift, or an I’m sorry for making you cry gift, the cupcakes in a jar from NetFlorist will do just the trick!

All you have to do to buy cupcakes in a jar online from NetFlorist is to log in to your account and to order cupcake jars online. We will bake your gifts on the day of requested delivery* and deliver cupcake jars to your girlfriend’s front door, no matter where you find yourself.

Because we know how special this gift should be, we have packed our cupcake jars in a beautiful black box and threw in some wooden spoons, because we know you should not have to wait to dig in to this delicious treat.

*Delivery restrictions apply.

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