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Picture of Simple Chocolate Birthday Cake! Simple Chocolate Birthday Cake R 329.95
Next delivery; Mon, 23 Jan
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Picture of Coffee and Pecan Nut Cake with Coffee Icing 20cm! Coffee and Pecan Nut Cake with Coffee Icing 20cm R 349.95
Next delivery; Mon, 23 Jan
This scrumptious freshly baked 20cm coffee and pecan nut cake makes for the perfect present for a friend, colleague or a... Code: CSM005
Picture of Chocolate Rose Cake! Chocolate Rose Cake R 349.95
Next delivery; Sat, 21 Jan
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Picture of White Rose Cake! White Rose Cake R 349.95
Next delivery; Sat, 21 Jan
 party without a cake is just a meeting! Avoid meetings by buying this amazingly delicious White Rose Cake. This freshly... Code: CSM001
Picture of Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing! Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing R 399.95
Next delivery; Mon, 23 Jan
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Listen up guys! We are about to let you in on a little secret that can save you hours of drama with your girlfriend. We are here to help you survive all your gifting woes and struggles and we’re bringing you a great gift idea for your girlfriend! We have the perfect girlfriend gift idea that can get you out of many sticky situations and that will make your girlfriend think that you are one awesome hunk of a man! At NetFlorist, we have recently launched the new Bakery at NetFlorist and we have a range of delicious confectionery treats and eats for you to spoil your girlfriend with. Planning a big romantic picnic for you and your girlfriend and looking for the perfect date night dessert? Why don’t you spoil your girlfriend with a delicious “I love you” cake? They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we’re here to argue that chocolate is a girl’s best friend and therefore our deliciously rich, decadent chocolate cakes make the perfect cake for your girlfriend. Or if you have been a bad, bad boy and you messed up really bad and you are looking for the best way to say I am sorry, try saying I am sorry with cake. All the cakes at NetFlorist can be personalised to any and every occasion under the sun. Our suggestion for an “I am sorry” cake is definitely the old classic red velvet cake with a delicious cream cheese frosting. As soon as your girlfriend opens the door for our cake delivery man, carrying your “I am sorry” cake, she will forgive you within an instant and both of you can enjoy your delicious cake gift two seconds later and all will be forgotten. It’s always a great time to spoil your girlfriend with a freshly baked cake. If she’s stressed for an exam, spoil her with a cake for good luck. If she just passed her law exam, spoil her with a congratulations cake! And if you simply want to tell her how awesome she is, send a just because cake for your girlfriend. Our cakes come in a variety of flavours, from the delicious classics like chocolate and vanilla, to decadent luxury flavours like red velvet, rocky road and peppermint crisp cakes. All you have to do to make your girlfriend smile and to make her fall more in love with you is to buy cakes for her online at the Bakery at NetFlorist. Simply log in to your NetFlorist account (the one you use to buy beautiful flowers for your girlfriend) and buy cakes online. Our bakers will bake your cake using the freshest ingredients and we will deliver your cake for your girlfriend, straight to her front door. Buy cakes for your girlfriend online at the Bakery at NetFlorist today!

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