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Picture of Milk Tart Cupcakes! Milk Tart Cupcakes R 199.95
Next delivery; Wed, 31 May
These freshly baked cupcakes are South Africa’s favourite dessert treat. With a delicious cinnamon sponge and creamy milk... Code: CCUP019
Picture of Rocky Road Cupcakes! Rocky Road Cupcakes R 199.95
Next delivery; Wed, 31 May
The perfect treat for the sweet tooth. These freshly baked chocolate sponge cupcakes are topped with chocolate butter icing... Code: CCUP015
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The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children. Here at NetFlorist we think that kids are awesome, a little salt, a squeeze of lemon and they’re just perfect. We kid, we kid! Kids are awesome, they make life fun and they crack jokes that you’ve never understand like “knock knock?” “Who’s there?” “A dino” “a dino who?” “A dino saw us!!!” That is a real joke told to us by a 4 year old, we still don’t understand why it’s so funny, but apparently it is. At NetFlorist we love kids and because we know that kids are great and that occasions will arise that call for you to buy gifts for a child online we’ve come up with an amazing range of baked goods to buy and send online for a child in South Africa. Because what kid can say no to cake?!

If you know a kid that is celebrating their birthday you definitely need to buy cake for that kid. Here at NetFlorist we have all the best cakes to buy for a kid online. If it’s a girl who is celebrating her birthday never fear because we have birthday cakes for girls, for exapmle you can send her our pink rainbow cake and if it’s a little boy’s birthday you needn't worry because we have birthday cakes for boys as well. You can send our blue rainbow cake! These are both delicious layer cakes that have been iced in vanilla icing and decorated with sprinkles and astros!  

If you have a little girl or boy in your family who is participating in a school play and you want to spoil them like the super star that they are they why not order cake for a child online with NetFlorist, we have a huge selection of freshly baked cakes for sale online to spoil your favourite child with! All you have to do to order cake online for a child is log on to NetFlorist today and we’ll deliver your cake wherever it needs to go, to the kid that you’re spoiling today! 

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