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Spoil your hubby with cupcake jars as a yummy gift!

Buy and Send Cupcake Jars for Husband Online in Malaysia
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Buying gifts for your husband can be seriously trying, what do you get for the hubby who has everything already? Why not take a different approach to gifting and buy and send him cupcake jars online? NetFlorist’s cupcake jars are an awesome gift for you husband and we can guarantee that this is a gift that he has never experienced before! Now we know what you’re thinking that sending cake online to your husband isn’t something that happens every day, but hey, let’s get real- there is not a man alive who can say no to the gift of cupcakes deliciously presented in a glass jar

Now you’re probably thinking about what occasion calls for you to send your husband half a dozen cupcake jars online right? We’ll there’s his birthday (a birthday is not a birthday without cake after all), there’s your anniversary, Father’s Day (even if you don’t have kids you could send him cake online on behalf of your dogs or cats) and just about any and every other special occasion that you can think of!

All you need to do to buy cupcake jars online in SA is to log on to your account on NetFlorist and once you have found the perfect flavour of cupcake jar for him simply place your order and proceed to check out. If you don’t have an account with us, it’s very simple to get one. With, we’ve made your online shopping for cake for him super easy. All our wonderful and delicious cakes are simply one click away. 

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