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Some people do not believe in heroes, but it is clear that they have not met dad. Our fathers, the first super heroes we believed in. Remember how strong you thought your dad was when he could PUSH the car after he left the radio on and the car’s battery went flat? Or how smart dad is because he did not struggle ONCE when he helped you with your 4th grade maths homework? How did he just do dad (get it?)? If you have fond memories like these with your dad, then we have juts the gift idea for dad for you. At NetFlorist, we have recently just launched our new confectionery rangeThe Bakery at NetFlorist – with delicious treats and eats for you to spoil dad with. Our personal favourite gift for dad is definitely the most delicious cupcake jars. Our cupcakes in a jar are the equivalent of two cupcakes per jar! A delicious gift for dad that he will definitely share with you! Our range of cupcake jars for dad come in a variety of flavours, from red velvet to cookies and cream to rocky road and many, many more. Because we know how special this gift for dad is, we have packaged all our cupcake jars in beautiful glass jars and deliver* it in a beautiful, elegant black box. We have also included some wooden spoons for dad to enjoy his delicious treats with. These cupcake jars make the perfect gift for father, whether you are looking for a birthday gift for dad, a Father’s Day gift or a “just because” gift for dad, you can’t go wrong with spoiling dad with a delicious cupcake jars gift for him. Using the freshest ingredients, we bake your cupcake jars on the day of delivery, making sure that only the highest quality cupcake treats reach dad. Simply log in to your NetFlorist account to buy cupcake jars for dad online. Buy cupcake jars online at NetFlorist today!

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