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Often, a few occasions will arise when you have to buy gifts for a couple. Your best friend and his girlfriend just moved in to their first house together and now you need a housewarming gift. Or your bestie just got engaged to the man of her dreams and you are looking for a congratulatory gift for couples. It’s quite easy to buy gifts for a couple who doesn’t have anything. But, every now and again, you might come across that couple who has anything and everything and you find yourself wrecking your brain to find a gift for them, and that’s when things go a little crazy. At NetFlorist, a whole wide world of perfect gifts for couples appear in front of your eyes. We have recently launched The Bakery at NetFlorist - a range of delicious confectionery eats and treats for any and every occasion. And it is here where you have realised - food make the perfect gift for couples, even those couples that have everything. If you are looking for a unique gift for the couple, you should consider sending cupcake jars as a gift. Listen, we get it, you don’t just buy cupcake jars for a couple for their housewarming. You can buy the cupcakes in a jar to congratulate the super annoying and ever-so-gross PDA couple on their engagement. Our cupcakes in a jar is the perfect couple’s gift. Because one jar is the equivalent to 2 cupcakes, you are getting 12 cupcakes in 6 jars – a treat good enough to share with friends and family to celebrate life’s special occasions. All you have to do to buy delicious cupcakes in jar online for couples is to log in to your NetFlorist account and buy cupcake jars online. Our bakers will bake your delicious cupcakes and deliver* it straight to the couple’s front door, on the very same day, because we understand that only the freshest products is good enough for the happy couple.

*Delivery restrictions apply.

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