Fun and Flirty Floral Cocktails

Published on 28 Aug 2013

Fun and Flirty Floral Cocktails

 NetFlorist, the purveyor of sweet thoughts and emotions has developed a fun and flirty new floral range which will turn any frown upside down and put you in the party mood.


The fabulous new floral products are arrangements in larger versions of martini glasses. Filled with vibrant colours they will certainly give you the same pick me up effect with out the thumbing head and dry mouth the next morning.


These Floral Cocktails or rather Flocktails (giving ourselves a pat on the back for that clever play on words) are like Mocktails only better! They are bright, fun and are perfect for any and every occasion.


They can be sent to besties, boyfriends, colleagues or frenemies and you can send them to that someone you have your eye on if you fancy a bit of flirtatious fun.

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